Coaching Programs

If you have always “Dreamt Of Riding A Motorcycle” then it can’t get closer and better than this for you. And the best part, you do not need any prior experience on how to ride a two wheeler. To your surprise, 70% of the women we have trained, had never ridden a bicycle before and now take motorcycle trips with us 🙂

Since 2014, Enfield Riders has been successfully running Woman Motorcycle Coaching (WMC) Academy wherein 10,000+ Woman Participants have been trained across the country. Whether it’s our WMC Camps or Rides with a Cause for Breast Cancer Awareness, Woman Empowerment, Girl Child Education & much more, woman on motorcycles have been contributing immensely to bring about the much-needed change. So be a part of the initiative and meet like-minded women on the road less traveled


Foundation Training Course

12 Hrs Course split in 2 Days for 6 Hours each with 1 Coach: 4 Participants.
Foundation Coaching will cover Theory & Practical both.

Day 1

  • Introduction
  • Royal Enfield 350 cc Introduction
  • Basic Description and Terms used
  • Group Discussion Q & A (15- minutes)
  • Balancing Bike both sides and count 40 each.
  • Both Legs up and Down
  • Start & Stop the Bike on Neutral.
  • Accelerator Sense ( On & off, Slight Accelerator and Light Accelerator)
  • Break For 30 mins
  • Start bike and put on Gear 1, then again Neutral & Off it.
  • Introduce Clutch Sense and Front Brake Sense
  • 1st Clutch introduction round only Start & Stop Using Front Brake (less than 50 meters)
  • 2nd round full stretch Start and Stop on Own (20 times)
  • Kick start and Main stand training (30 mins)
  • Start rounds and practise on gear 1.
  • Rear Brakes Introduction
  • Start and Stop using Rear brake and legs down and then front brakes.
  • Practise and pack up.

Day 2

  • Repeat Day 1 practice for an hour. (1 round each)
  • Technicals start (Bike lift) 30 minutes
  • Break 30 minutes
  • Start practise 2 round each.
  • Introduction of Gear 2
  • Understanding how to shift gears from 1-2 and 2-1 and nuetral
  • Increase speed and cut down speed practise using rear brakes and legs down and then front brakes.
  • Capture Videos & Pictures
  • Distribution of Certificates
Advanced Training Course

8 Hrs Course split in 2 Days for 4 Hours each with 1 Coach: 3 Participants
Advanced Coaching will cover Theory & Practical both.

  • Know Your Bike / Road & Safety
  • Layman language of each and every single part of the bike
  • Clutch sense
  • Braking sense
  • Gear sense with speed ratio
  • U Turn like a pro
  • Speed breaker / Pothole
  • Use of lights (passing, parking, turning)

Much more detailed content would be covered across the 2 Days

personal coaching
  • 3 Hours Course split across 2 Days for 90 minutes each with 1 Coach : 1 Participant. The training session would include
  • Royal Enfield 350cc motorcycle
  • Fuel
  • Riding Safety Gear (Knee Guards, Elbow Guards & Helmet)
  • Merchandise & Certification
  • Flexibility of Choosing your Day, Time & Location as per your convenience

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