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New experiences with Enfield Riders! I participated in a 2 day training camp of Enfield Riders Women’s bike coaching. It was a very good experience. The Coaches assigned by them were Excellent. They were approachable, were encouraging and had enough variety of methods to teach each kind of student. The only thing which put me off was the state of the gears provided by the company. Some gears were good, well fitting, but some gears had issues with their bands. Dented knee plates are alright, since one good quality gear costs anywhere between 2000 to 6000 or maybe more if i am not informed enough. And falls well lead to dents. But the straps need regular mending and care, replacement of necessary. At 7000 rs for 2 days, we expect gears with good, well fitting straps. Because i can’t expect my coach to protect my knee cap bone if i fall down. And how much ever careful one is, how much ever well trained the coaches are, we can never rule out the possibility of an injury. The fees also included the insurance cover i suppose, so a little extra can be put in to maintain the gears, regular replacement of the gear straps that aren’t fitting or too stretched out or on the verge of snapping off. Overall, it was a great experience. Our batch made a very great connection. And our Coaches were Excellent. My only disappointment is that not all protective gears were in good condition.
Own your ride ! I last rode bike in 2004 . All I needed is a push and guidance to kick start the biking experience again. Thanks to the founders of Enfield Riders I could achieve this long pending goal . The experienced coaches Amay Sir , Arjun Sir and Vinod Sir were very patient while training the ladies as we all had different level of riding experience (most never drove a two wheeler before) . Our coaches were very inspiring and motivating they made sure each one is given right attention and time required to bring out the rider in them. Deep Respect and gratitude towards all the members of Enfield Riders who took this great initiative to make a life time impact . Cheers !
Excellent ,🎖️🎖️🎖️🎖️🎖️ It was a great experience learning & riding Royal Enfield. Always wanted to ride a bike…so now no looking back took a call…this was my second session with Enfield ridersWith wonderful coach Mrs RafiaMr Irshad Lots of Grattitude
Great experience I took foundation course where they cover upto 2nd gear riding. It was a very great experience learning from Rafia & Irshad.They made us confidant about riding. I liked about this training is that they emphasise more on techniques rather than just telling the functions. Also we had sufficient time for practice.
Paisa wasool Ride 🏍️ This was my 2nd experience with the Enfield riders. I took advance coaching and it was fabulous and worth learning with them. In mumbaikar language I will say paisa wasool experience. The coach Rafeeya ma’am is an amazing one. She taught many such minute things which only an experience person can teach. After learning with them I took a ride on my friend’s bike and even they were amazed on my biking skill and putting 350cc Royal Enfield on double stand.Thank you very much pranali ma’am for last minute considering me and allowing me for advance training and Rafeeya ma’am for my perfect advance coach. Arjun sir was also there who motivates us and awakes the confidence time to time.
Kavita Goyal
Kavita Goyal
If you really want to learn motorcycle just blindly register yourself and go for it I have attended the Motorcycle training for 2 days & had wonderful experience instructor teaches us with so much patience during the driving course.Trainers know how to boost your confidence & encourage you to learn.If you really want to learn motorcycle just blindly register yourself and go for it
Women’s Training Initially I was so petrified as I signed up for something which is pretty new but on the other hand was exciting, had enrolled for training at beginner level… Was curious how am I going to learn in 2 days!!! But then I was assured by the trainer not only I will learn but also will confidently ride it solo. And guess what I was able to… Such a thrilling and wonderful experience… Trainers are so detail oriented and address your silly queries, motivates you, make you understand minute technicalities. Looking forward to advance level! 🙂
Excellent Experience Learning to ride a bike was fun and rewarding experience. Vinod was extremely calm and patient with us and was also very supportive throughout the sessions. I learned to ride a bike in just 2 days itself is a surprising fact, thanks to Vinod and Enfield Riders Team!Would definitely recommend to all the ladies out there to experience this ultimately empowering event.
Neha Pandey
Neha Pandey
It was good…The coach was very informative…full of knowledge..I get to learn various techniques… It was good…The coach was very informative…full of knowledge..I get to learn various techniques…
Awesome It’s a dream come true to me.. RE is the only bike I love since last 12 yrs.. looking for further more adventure like this where i can go for group ridings and enjoy to the fullest.

Journey with enfield riders

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Time: 8:00am – 02:00pm Type: Foundation Course

What you learn

The course content would be split in Practical & Theory as mentioned below.

An introduction of the bike – model, weight of the bike, petrol tank capacity, clutch, front & rear brakes, throttle, horn, lights & indicators

  • Technique of Sitting on Bike & balancing
  • Start & Stop
  • Riding on First & Second Gear
  • Keeping legs up & balancing
  • Turns
  • Checking Mirrors
  • Practice Start & Stop
  • Riding and balancing on road with potholes
  • Using rear brakes
  • How to kick start the motorcycle
  • How to park the bike on main stand
  • How to lift the motorcycle if it is fallen down


  • Royal Enfield 350cc or 500cc motorcycle & fuel for entire coaching session
  • Safety gear – helmet, knee & elbow guards
  • Certificate of completion of motorcycle coaching
  • Breakfast on both days
  • Mineral water during breaks
  • 1 coach/ instructor for a group of maximum 4 participants (1:4 ratio)
  • Why Enfield Riders?
  • Assist the motorcycling community and the public at large.
  • Encourage further developments within the motorcycle industry.
  • Make the participants aware about safe riding techniques.
  • Encourage participation in motorcycle safety courses.
  • Enhance the sheer enjoyment of motorcycling.
  • Motivate women by showing them they have limitless potential.