Pricing Policy

Enfield Riders offers Quality Products at very Competitive Prices normally below the MSRP and never above the MRP.  The following are Our Price Policies that are strictly applied by our Sales Staff.

Current / Effective Prices

Effective Prices are set in the Point of Sale System (POS) and they are normally displayed on each product, and on the Web Site ( In a case of a discrepancy between the Web Site Price, the Product Tag Price, and the POS Price – the LOWEST Price will be honoured unless the discrepancy is because of a technical error, a typo, etc.

Price Negotiation

Our Prices are non-negotiable. Sales Staff is not allowed to offer any price different than the Current / Effective Price as explained in the Paragraph 1.

The Negotiated Price is in Effect only on the Day of Purchase and it CANNOT be promised for a later day.